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best quality

Kian Plast Sepahan Co. uses the best raw materials that are standard in its manufacture and production.

Over a decade of effort

Kian Plast Sepahan Co. has been working for a decade of experience,  and has always tried to design, produce wallpapering, and Tile PVC coating and printing, an effective step for the industrial development of the country.

National Iranian Standard

Kian Plast is the first standard manufacturer in the wall and Tile PVC industry of the National Iranian Standards Organization and holds ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 9001: 2015 and CE certifications.

About Kian Plast Sepahan

The first owner of the factory standard in the Wall Floor industry and Thai PVC from the National Iranian Standards Organization
Kian Plast Sepahan Manufacturer of health products:
Melt Blown Fabric،Mask,Urine bag,...

In addition to its activities through reputable reputable dealers all over Iran, the company has a very good position in the export sector and exports its products to 15 countries worldwide. And due to the use of specialist equipment and equipment, the eye has more success in the global markets.

The company's goals, in addition to the beauty of the living environment and its peace of mind, have been to secure the living environment and to consider the design and construction of all manufactured products;
It also has unique properties such as insulation against heat and cold; resistance to heat and humidity; impactiveness; resistance to acids and openings; resistance to termite; washing ability; replacement of parts and life span Is too much
Also, the company has been honored and rated the first producer of Tail 60 * 60 P.V.C in Iran in its work.

گKian Plast Sepahan's Industrial Group was established in 2006. Kian Plast Sepahan has been developed for more than a decade by using production lines, and the latest machines in the world with advanced production technology and production specialists have expanded their facilities in a fully equipped facility. It also has the potential for more quantitative and qualitative development.
هIt should also be noted that the laboratory of this company was introduced in 1395 by equipping and updating the laboratory equipment, by the National Iranian Standards Organization as a laboratory for chemical industry and related matters related to the PVC industry....

Collection of Products Kian Plast Sepahan

Pvc panel

The PVC wall panel is an ideal panel for areas with high humidity, because they are waterproof. PVC wall panels can be...

Category: product

Ceiling tile

Roof tiles have been very popular over the last few years. These products allow homeowners and interior designers for...

Category: product


The laminate flooring is a beautifully refurbished wood or stone, and therefore may be altered in color, tone and...

Category: product

wall coverings

The covering wall is a beautifully constructed stone or wood and may therefore be altered in color, tone and grain....

Category: product

Certifications and honors

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Kian Plast Sepahan Trading Unit

It always tries to use new customer relationship management systems and measure customer satisfaction levels to improve its performance.
Using a sales network with resellers around the country, they have been working to make their products easily available to their customers.

+9831-46412761 - +9831-46412760

Accepting active representation

Kian Plast Sepahan Co., with more than a decade of continuous efforts in the field of types of wall coverings, parquet, flooring and pvc tiles, intends to offer a number of qualified enthusiasts in various cities of Iran in order to expand its services.

Contact paths

Factory : Saadi Street, Segzi Industrial Park, Esfahan , Iran
Phone : +9831-46412525
Fax: 031-46412526

Office : Suhrawardi street, Simin street, Esfahan , Iran

Phone : +9831-37764176
Fax: +9831-37771723
\ \ Trading department : 00989135962600
\ \ sales department :00989135962800

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