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Kian Plast Sepahan Co. is the largest industrial complex in the field of production of wall coverings, PVC ceilings, flooring and all related tools and accessories in Iran and the city of Isfahan. The company with a decade of history, the first The company holds the national standards of Iran in the Wall and Tile PVC production industry of the National Iranian Standards Organization as well as the holder of international certification, including iso9001-2000 and iso9001-2008 and iso9001-2015 and CE as well as the Fire Test Certificate From the National Iranian Standards Organization and etc.

 Also, Kian Plast Sepahan is proud to be the first manufacturer of PVC tile 60 * 60 has registered this product and holds the registration and production license for this product for 20 years. Kian Plast, in addition to having 40 active and credible representative offices in Iran and according to specialist forces And all mechanized equipment is eye-catching to global markets and is ready for cooperation with all countries and affiliates and companies for cooperation and development in the export sector.